16 Pretty Pieces of Delicate Gold Jewelry That We're Totally Obsessed With


Post by Nicole Fabian-Weber. Time to put the chunky gold watch on eBay and the statement necklace in storage — over-the-top jewelry is out and understated, delicate jewelry is in. Little baubles are having a very big moment. Chalk it up to the minimalist, paired down trend that’s happening or the fact that big, clunky … Read more

20 'Game of Thrones' Tattoos To Tide You Over 'Til Next Season


Post by Celia San Miguel. If Dorothy was spooked by the “lions, tigers, and bears” in Oz, she’d last a nanosecond in Westeros, where dragons, wolves, ravens, and bloodflies roam the land. But it’s not the fabled creatures in HBO’s Game Of Thrones that are truly terrifying — it’s the power-thirsty, scheming, disloyal, and morally … Read more

Pat McGrath Unveils Glitter Lip Kit Only Kylie Jenner Can Afford

Post by Kiarra Sylvester. <img src="http://cdn-ugc.cafemom.com/gen/constrain/500/500/80/2016/08/10/14/b8/i8/po3bb1ihw0.jpg" alt="Pat McGrath make-up Kit”> Very soon, make-up artist Pat McGrath will officially release her Lust 004 line and while there are different sizes, wait until you hear how much it is for the entire lip kit. Initially only available to models Bella Hadid and Karen Elson on the Atelier Versace runway — … Read more